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Michelle Davidson. Hypnotherapy In Person or Online.

7 minutes to understanding hypnosis

I can help you online anywhere in the world.  Yes hypnotherapy can be safely attended online.

Hypnosis can be…

Why choose Michelle Davidson to help you change?

I am ready to help you when you are ready to accept help. 

See me online anywhere you have connection to the outside world.

I am passionate and caring with a strong desire to assist more clients with positive change.  I have helped hundreds of people over the years.  I am constantly researching and studying seeking ways to better help my clients.  I am trained in Clinical Hypnosis and Advanced Power Hypnosis and have attended psychology and counselling training.  I am a clinical member of the Australian Hypnotherapist Association. 


By reprogramming learned behaviour. That learned behaviour is stored in your subconscious mind which is accessible using hypnosis.  We agree on your desired outcome, and you already know what you consciously desire, then that is moved into your subconscious mind.  No more will you be influenced by that automatic part of you when you consciously desire something else.

Hypnosis has been found to help with many things, including but not limited to

  • Addictions like smoking, alcohol and junk food
  • Fears and phobias
  • Illness and disease


What’s involved?

Initially, just a chat over the phone to see where you’re at. Once we make an appointment, Michelle will work with you to experience a relaxing trance and a suggestion to the subconscious mind to remove or place the desired outcome.  Let your imagination dream of the life you desire.

Will my health fund pay for hypnotherapy?

Quite often health funds will refund the total charge of a consultation. Westfund Members have attended 3 times and not been out of pocket. Check with your fund and ask them. Let them know you are considering hypnotherapy and for what purpose.  I am a current Clinical Member of Australia Hypnotherapists Association, number CM 2015568.   For some funds a doctors referral will be required to receive a rebate.  Some only cover hypnotherapy for Quitting Smoking or Weight Loss.

Gift Voucher, GIVE NOW FOR FREE Only pay if and when presented at a consultation.  Let your loved ones know you care and you are prepared to give when they are ready to make beneficial change.

Michelle Davidson is a clinical member Australian Hypnotherapists Association. 

CM 2015568. Health Fund Rebates may apply.