Relaxed Birth

Look forward to meeting your baby. Hypnobirthing

In January, 2014 I qualified to facilitate the full 12 hour Hypnobirthing Australia course.  A beautiful empowering course that removes the fear,  is childbirth education and teaches the birthing companion to take on the task as protector and hypnotist.  Mother can be in her bubble of comfort knowing she is safe to trust in her own body which has been made to birth.   Just as nature grows a baby inside you, nature follows through with your ability to complete the task.  Medical help is like the lifesaver at the beach, and you are prepared to meet any challenge that may arise.

I am a hypnotherapist, not a midwife.  I can offer various choices to assist you with your birth and many techniques learnt are valuable to all new parents.

3 hour session in which you experience hypnosis, we set an anchor for your birth companion to use during labour and birthing your baby.  $260

A 90 minute session with expectant couple on any subject including 30 minutes of hypnosis.  $130.

A 60 minute session as a followup.  $90.

Watch The Birth of Jemima for an example of some techniques you can use.

Such a beautiful birth is the result of education, affirmations, breathing practice, self-hypnosis , a birth plan, atmosphere and fear release.

Sessions available in person in Mackay or Online whereever you are.

Mum learns to relax into a bubble of comfort, your birth companion learn to be the supporter and the hypnotist.

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