Gift Voucher, print and present, pay only on use.

 GIVE NOW FOR FREE Only pay if and when presented at a consultation.  Let your loved ones know you care and you are prepared to give when they are ready to make beneficial change.  Click Gift Voucher

How does it work?

Put your name and phone number on the give voucher and give it as a gift.

When receiver calls to make the appointment they tell me your name and phone number.  I then call you and arrange payment.

What will it cost?

First consultation cost is $130 and takes up to 90 minutes. Payment is by EFTPOS, cash or direct deposit.  Alternatively I can take visa or mastercard information and write a receipt number on the gift certificate and no further contact will be required.


Now you know and I know too that there are some issues you consciously want to work with.  Hypnotherapy will suggest to your subconscious mind that through this hypnotic experience you will make some very positive and beneficial inroads into those issues and your subconscious mind will recognise when it’s right to do what it does to help you achieve your desired outcome.

Michelle has used hypnotherapy to help people in the following areas.

Stop smoking Ideal Weight Stress Sleep Motivation Depression
Self-confidence Addictions Well-being Memory Childbirth Spirituality
Regression/recall Pain Control Bad Habits Relationships Fear Anxiety

How to use this gift.

Call Michelle on 0487 748 302 for an appointment and tell her you wish to use your gift certificate.  You will be asked the name and phone number of the giver, and if there is a receipt number included.  If no receipt number is included then Michelle calls the giver to arrange payment for your consultation. 

If you never use this gift for hypnotherapy, remember someone cared enough to make the offer and is a loving supporter in your life. 

You are loved and supported. 

Maintain a sense of fun in all things you do.