Our creative talents are squashed by our busy lives. Creativity flourishes in idle time, or time allocated for creativity. Idle time? Do I mean when you’re bored? When we’re bored? What is boredom, but a state of mind? An opportunity to create, listen, smell, consider and evaluate.

Many a client wishing to quit smoking is most challenged in their goal when bored. I encourage them to take a new approach to boredom. There is no boredom, it exists only in your mind. You create the state of boredom with your own imagination.

We try to be busy all the time, like we are trying to run away from ourselves. A futile task. You cannot run away from yourself. Stop, close your eyes, and focus on the next 3 breaths. How was that? Did you breath slowly? Fast to get it over with? Cheat and not even do your 3 breaths? If you cheated you are denying your own connection with yourself. Stop. You only cheat yourself.

Let’s try that again, but this time we will add this. Relax your jaw, drop your shoulders, pretend you can breathe out the bottom of your feet while silently repeating “accept, accept, accept…”

We all are the creators of our own life. Don’t blame external influences. You are a powerful human being and you create your life. You think you don’t have time until a child is unwell and needs more of your time… you find it. You find time for your sick parents. You find time to clean up after a flood. We are all given 24 hours a day, we have time, we just don’t always allocate time for the best life possible. Do you?

Time cannot be wasted. Time doesn’t go by. Time comes towards you, like walking on a treadmill, set to the same pace all day and night. You can’t get off. You travel through life at the same pace as the rest of us. Time doesn’t exist. It is simply a measure of the speed of the treadmill of life. What you do on your journey is up to you. Roll with it, flow with it, trust and live with acceptance and imagine a positive future. Be grateful for what you have in this moment.