Healthy Weight

Some clients arrive with a diet in mind and wish t o find it more natural to follow.   Most arrive with the desire to lose weight.

We talk about their motivation, and what has worked in the past.

For most we agree on what will work for them using the 4 following suggestions.

Eat only when you are in need of nutrition.

Eat slowly, enjoy, chew.  Spend the same time you used to spend eating, but eat half as much because you are going to slow it down.

Eat healthy appropriate choices for you.  This often means eliminating processed foods, sugar, flour,  cereal, bread, and softdrink from the diet.  This is agreed on prior to using hypnosis to make this achieveable.  To make not eating inappropriate food as natural as not drinking petrol.

Enjoy movement daily.  The right exercise for you, if it’s fun it’s better.

Homone balance.  We can agree on balancing hormones and energy within the same session.  Reminding the amazing, all knowing subconscious to balance your body in a natural healthy way.

Techniques to deal with stress.  A big deep breath, breath out slowly as if you want to blow a really big bubble.  A sip of water will satisfy that need for distraction.  If you find yourself approaching the kitchen and the time and hunger does not indicate food time, you will be satisfied with water.


Yes, I've been there too, my yo-yo weighs!  I am still maintaining in the desired zone

Yes, I’ve been there too, my yo-yo weighs! I am still maintaining in the desired zone

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  1. Danielle
    August 17, 2016 at 10:03 am

    Gday I was just wondering would it be possible for a 13 year old girl to get hypnosised for weight loss and how much would it cost ??😀😀😀

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