Stop smoking

Close your eyes, take a big deep breath, hold it for as long as is comfortable.  Try again and this time relax your jaw and drop your shoulders on the out breath.

Breathing is essential to your life.   Breathing smoke is not. Breathing smoke is not smart.  You already know that.


The fact is that continuing to smoke is

Detrimental to your health

Other reasons for wishing to be free from smoking include

  • money
  • work
  • children and family
  • pregnancy
  • convenience
  • social

So why does a smoker keep on smoking?  The answer is not found in the logical,  conscious mind.  The answer is not found in chemical substitutes.  Many of my clients have stopped temporarily with substitutes such as champix or nicotine patches.  The problem for many is these substitutes do not address the psychological attachment or the habit.

Some habits are great; The need to brush your teeth after breakfast, the need to move when you’ve been sitting for too long or the need to walk the dog each day.

Hypnosis works by communicating the conscious desire (to be free from that smoking habit) to your subconscious mind where habits exist.  Ready to be free from that toxic habit?  It takes 90 minutes, costs $130 and at the very least is a wonderful relaxing experience, for the majority it works, it sets you free.

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